Looking for Enertion motor mounts (also maybe motors)

Like the title states, I am looking to buy some Enertion motor mounts, also while I am at it, some motors to fit those mounts could be cool too. My main goal here is to find 2 Enertion motor mounts.

I think @longhairedboy might be selling those motors/mounts in a more appealing color. :slight_smile:

my info could be wrong.

And with more torque per speed from the skatan red… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You know it!

i have two or three sets left and i’m trying to get more from Jollin. Emailing china is slow.

The red anodize easily adds another 20% performance.

Hail Skatan.


what are the colors that you have?

I think he only has red

@longhairedboy how much for one mount w/ shipping to NYC?

where are you based?

I’m located in Seattle

I’m fresh out. I’m using TorqueBoards mounts until I get my own made.

anyone else? im down with used ones too

see @Shogu12 he has some enertion clone mounts he’s selling soon.

Any open sales still existing or people wanting to get rid of one of theirs?

go to miamielectricboards.

they sell them in all black

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are you in the US? I’ve got one of the Enertion blue and Carbon fiber ones, never used. Seeing that Miami sells them for $65 I feel like this should be worth 50? No charge on shipping