Looking for Evolve GT BMS

Need Evolve GT BMS. maybe someone got an old Evolve Battery and can sell me BMS? its a shame Evolve wont sell BMS individually. Seems impossible to find replacement Evolve BMS :frowning:

Evolve are gradually fucking themselfs

There’s no long term sustainabitly

I could NOT get one for myself so I’m converting my Bamboo into a DIY one, more power, more range more reliability, best remote control


tell us more :slight_smile: did you get it from evolve?

Powadangaboards yeah its a shame. i ride evolve boards for 5 years but no more evolve for me in the future :frowning:

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Sorry I mistyped it I wanted to say I could NOT get one from Evolve

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I have 2 evolve bgt and they are not willing to provide me with a new battery for one of them. They want to to send them to there headquarters or travel over 2.5 hours to them?? Paying over 1k and getting poor customer service is not on…

Forget about built boards, I’ll never buy a built board ever unless they offer spare parts for sale

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They are really doing there company wrong with this type of customer service

Metroboard is pretty good and they use DIY parts for the most part. All the others are meh, especially hub motor boards or boards that need unobtainium BMSs to function

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I look forwards to hummies new hubs with some other parts :slight_smile:

Problem is, I like using 4 longboard wheels on my longboards

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I’m loving the belt drive, never tried hubs, I tried catching someone on a Meepo the other day and they were jetting away from me…

Eboosted do you think there is enough space to fit 2x FOCBox on a CarbonGT Deck with 10S5P Battery? :smiley:

I think it has been done before.

…and some are still thinking lightweights like Enertion can play along ‘big ones’ (a.k.a Evolve, Trampa, Boosted, etc.) :rofl: These can not find a Leprechaun in a Sequoia forest, much less tiny Enertion can offer baloney.

You cannot make a stew with none of them. They are a Joke. All of them. They get hold onto their parts inventory as if they were protecting some kind of missile technology that nobody else has. Even Metroboard. Try to buy one of them stupid wheel pulleys, Brian? Is like trying to borrow a Tenderloin from a starving Tiger!

If you carefully choose your BMS, I think so.

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