Looking for front shred lights

Any discount code for electric builders? :grinning:

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I bought a couple tactical flash lights at Aliexpress. They are very cheap and up for the task.

What do you need Alan? I can help you out. My local shop sell those Shred Lights like bread out of the oven.

Not listed in ther web page, but they definitely carry that item.


Just a couple of Shreds lights for the front.

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Ive got a 5% off code for a Dutch seller but id assume you need something for the US right? :slight_smile:

My friend Jay will help you with the shred lights at Last Mile SF. Behind him the shelfs with the shred lights. They sell both boxes containing either two front lights or four front and rear lights.

Send him a message… [email protected]

i got the koowheel lights! for sale new

I have a set of front shredlights, never used. Ships from Sweden.