Looking for help on connecting toggle switch to diyelectric antispark

Looking for clarification but can I just connect the toggle switch ends to the two middle pins? Any help would be great! Antispark: products/on-off-power-switch-electric-skateboard#shipping IMG_20180820_180749

Yes. The outer pins are for the switches that light up. Is a toggle the best idea? If it gets bumped you loose all control of the board…


I do have a cover but trying to make the board have a retro style look. Going to put up a build thread soon!


Mate like the idea but fully agree with @Brdchris You are taking a chance with that big ass toggle. Cover or not your board will vibrate and when it does that switch could activate and streetface you.

Is the issue that the electrical connections might fail or the switch might be pushed accidentally. I do have a toggle switch with a cover if that helps.


THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP GUYS! Above aesthetics, I do want to prioritize safety.

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