Looking for hk-GT2B

Hi, I live in Australia and it seems virtually impossible to get the hk-GT2B. If you got one to sell, PM me and we’ll work a price

Hey Koto, you can get them on aliexpress or ebay for around 36-42 AUD. There is also a place called hobbywarehouse in Aus that sells legit flysky gt2bs. If you want a hk gt2b you’ll have to get it from their international warehouse.

Yeah might have to go Flysky, International warehouse in Hong Kong won’t ship, hobby warehouse is out of stock and aliexpress gives me problems.

how about this controller from flysky that looks a lot like the gt2b:


maybe it’s the same and could be moded the same

If I am not mistaken, the GT2E is the next generation of the GT2B… I am not sure about a mod though.

Pretty sure they are different. I’d just go with GT2B. Apparently GT2E isn’t as reliable as well.

My GT2E had no issues at all. Just plain ugly but that’s a different story. The only drawback is (at least on mine) that you have to use standard batteries. Maybe there is another version that has an inbuilt battery.

GT2E just uses 6x 2AA if I remember correctly. GT2B slightly smaller and uses their rechargeable batteries.

@Pathaim has had some issues with the gt2e, where the trigger didn’t do anything and the throttle was controlled by the “steering wheel”

The gt2e is fine i just think its mine haha, still a alright controller, it uses 4 AA on mine

i use the gt2e for around 8 months and it works perfectly with a 500mah lipo and a TP4056 the only drawback is, that you dont have a low voltage warning - the inbuilt red led is blinking always. but the LV cut of on the battery works perfectly (and is absolutely necessary)

i am working currently on a custom PCB for the remote to make it smaller than my current mod. i can post some photos if somebody want