Looking for Motor mount template with measuments

Can someone please post a picture, pdf or a document of a motor mount like those ones on the enertion website way back when. Thanks

Both the Enertion mounts are open source and can be found on their website

you have only to create an account and thank click on “make a copy”: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3fcba37897e6e2c656b688ac/w/b9eec7243db97928e9485100/e/34d76e4279b659bd593e70a4

Thanks. But I can’t find them on the website

Thanks for sharing

Thanks. Just wondering what program did you use to open it?

Sorry, my mistake. Looks like @onloop took them down. Unfortunate because I think the community benefited from them.

that’s alright. got good ones but need to figure out the exact size I want for mine. Thanks anyway

I do have the files for the latest one but it looks like the other guys have already helped you out. Think I have the K3 files as well…

can I please take a look?

Just looked on my computer, I don’t have the K3 but have the new ones.

yeah its the same. Thanks though

What program do you use for that?

Fusion 360