LOOKING for Motor mounts for square hanger trucks or STL files for a gear drive 5:1 or 3:1

I’ve recently milled down my hobbyking esk8 trucks to a square hanger but have not found a suitable supplier offering motor mounts for square hangers, at a good price range. I originally made mine out of aluminium however the grade is not strong or durable for the esk8 application.

I do have access to a CNC milling machine and a decent 3D printer so any stl files for an inner direct drive would also be welcome. I am currently designing my own, however I need to finish off this project for testing purposes.

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@marcmt88 produce great motor mounts (under his Janux brand) for a myriad of trucks makes, including many squarish hanger profiles.

Take a look…


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Do you need a 4th (rotary) axis to mill trucks this way? Or can you do it with jigs and flip it around manually with separate operation for each sides?

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@Tamatoa I hand milled the trucks on a manual milling machine using a custom jig and a lot of measurements to keep a flat datum. You can easily achieve a suitably flat surface by just gradually bringing down the end mill at small increments of down to 0.01mm or less depending on the machine. As i was only milling one surface plane I didn’t need to constantly readjust the jig position or the trucks but I would of flipped the jig and remeasured from the surface if I had needed to.

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@Fraserrazor thanks for your reply. That is interesting, I do not own a mill just a hobby level CNC router but I guess I can achieve something like that with careful planing and measurements. Would you mind sharing pics of the end results?

@Tamatoa I’ll try and send some pictures tonight of the overall surface finish, as i am not near my board atm.

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@Tamatoa IMG_2983%5B1%5D