Looking for peeps in San Antonio TX

Yeah, I agree the box on top of the deck looks ugly. But being my 1st build I am looking for performance in range and speed. I already have 8 6S lipo batteries, and didn’t want to buy a specific battery for the board. The box can house 6 packs to give me 36000 mha.

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As a low-class rube, I kinda like the look of that box, but would have set it crosswise for max legroom. Doesn’t it rub on the legs?

Actually it doesn’t, at 1st I was worried it may. But I can move around standing on the board with not touching the box. I don’t have a picture of me standing on the board to demonstrate, I will take one and post it.

Yeah, I can’t do fast as that is scary, when I’m trying to take a turn or carve I feel that I will fall, I know that I need to get use to it but it’s scary.

Texas is blowing up with Esk8ers!!!

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It’s cause california moved in and ruined it. . .

Got to ride today, enjoyed it. Still looking for local esk8 peeps.

Here is the area I got to ride at. Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/NWiICOpd8cb