Looking for peeps in San Antonio TX

Hello, New to Esk8 and San Antonio, looking to go on rides or events in the area. Anyone wanting to ride, let me know.

Hey, I’m in Austin, lets start an ES scene in central TX.

What kind of DIY tech do you practice?


Hi welcome to the forum. Do you like jalepenos?

Am down, my son and I build 2 esk8.

My Esk8: 12S 6P 6384 Motor 190 kv Dual FSESC6.6

My son’s: 12S 4P 6384 Motor 190 kv FocBox Unity

Do you go fast?

Just learning the ESC situation, since my Fiik Street Surfer esk8 died yesterday. No signal to the remote, everything else looks normal. Don’t know yet if its the receiver, a fuse, or if I need to replace entire ESC. I would be glad to pay you &/or your son shop-rate to redo single-motor with Flipsky parts.

My main skill is kite tech and sports, if you want to get pro training and gear share. Germans do a lot of urban kite-sk8, and it can be done with mountain boards, skis, buggies, foilboards, whatever.

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34km/hr on my Fiik Streetsurfer, but suddenly my remote does not see the dead board, but batt is full and power button lit.

Is there a fuse inside to check? Receiver problem?

Should I replace with a Flyski ESC?

Appreciate any advice.

I want one of those. It’s windy as hell here. Prolly hit 100mph easy.

Id use a unity or something similar. I’m not familiar with that board you have

Yeah, I haven’t given it full throttle too fast for me right now.

I also build a board for my son and he is running the FocBox Unity. It is very easy to setup and go.

Same here am not familiar with that ESC.

The research I did before building my board go with an ESC that runs VESC Tool software. They are Esk8 oriented.

Flipsky is VESC-based bargain supplier, so I suppose the software interface is there.

This is the Amazon Bundle that seems to cover what I may need. Just not experienced enough to decide, and I will first inspect the old electronics.

It might be cool to build some esk8s in a small run, as a local group. I favor the all terrain builds for street safety at high speeds (cracks, rocks, sticks, gravel, whatever).

Amazon “Buy the selected items together”

So far I can say we haven’t had any problems with the boards.

Here is what we build.

Awesome. Just wish the great builds were not so pricey. Its comforting that the DIY path makes it sustainable.

Not crying over my temporarily dead board now, eager to take it all to the next level :sunglasses:

I fucking hate top mount boxes so much. They are getting bigger and uglier. 300 bucks and I will make you a nice one. :slightly_smiling_face: Nice build otherwise. Not that my opinion matters either. merica

Diy is sustainable? Oh bro give it a couple months. . . Hope you have a good job.

Learning to fix and upgrade my own esk8 is a “good job”. Might even last more than two months :crazy_face:

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I guess what I thought you meant is diy is cheaper than buying a factory build.

No, I just meant DIY is what to do because no repair service handy, its the only game in town to keep rolling.

This is what I got-