Looking for pictures on how people top mount their vesc box on their trampa Carvers

I had my vesc in a box under mounted for a while on my DIY carver. I have been wanting to move the box up to the top of the board. How is everyone doing it? I see alot of build pictures of builds but not alot of how the box is attached to the board. Do people use the existing holes? drill new ones? What are the container that everyone is using.

Search bar maybe ?

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Instead of acting like a douch bag and telling you to use the search bar ill try be helpful… UltraBox’s! you can get different sizes and their water proof

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You either get a flexible enclosure or put a box between your legs or the angled part where the trucks are

Thanks Dave and Acido. I do have an ultrabox. What I am trying to figure out is how people are attaching their ESC boxs to the tail. I am trying to avoid drilling more holes on the deck. Battery was easy with velcro and straps but I am still looking for an elegant solution for the ESC box. I see plenty of pictures on boxes sitting on the tail but 2 things are still open questions for me…

  • Most of the top mounted builds are mountain board, I want to top mount on a carver…

  • Do people drill more holes? Do they leverage existing holes and just put screws through the box? Would love to see a close up picture of how its done.

Its a silly question but I’d like to see how others are doing it and the devils in the details here…

@Pimousse has a nice vesc6 design on thingiverse that could be adapted


I have one of these

But ended up using a piece of aluminium (using existing truck holes in the deck)

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Though something like this would be better

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The plates with the predrill holes makes alot sense. I am regretting not getting it from trampa when I ordered my 6.5 tires now. Thanks for the help guys, this def gives me some ideas to try out.

The one @atenner has shown above is being asked for of @kug3lis

You can put your name down here if interested,it was designed for the focbox enclosures boxes his father sells www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/group-ask-kug3lis-mountainboard-universal-mounting-plate-mbs-trampa-for-dual-focbox-cnc-machined-case/50588

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