Looking for similar ripetde R1 deck

Somebody has or know where I can get similar deck? I’m in Canada. Thanks

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Are you more looking for the size, or the kick tail and handles?

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I’m looking for size 31" and shape, kick tail is priority. Don’t mind about the handles

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Ok I was going to recommend the Jet Spud but it does not have a kick tail. Good luck with your search!

i’ve got this deck, it’s pretty similar to the riptide and rides nice https://www.daddiesboardshop.com/omen-house-o-lobster-longboard-deck-2017

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Google Oxelo fishtail its very similar and very Nice for price

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That’s a nice one!! Found one on ebay may will try it is cheap…


Is not this similar except tail? https://bambooskateboards.com/blank-bat-tail-longboard.html

I’m using Bamboo Skateboards Boardwalk Cruiser. Good quality. https://bambooskateboards.com/blank-boardwalk-cruiser.html


Do you know how flex are these bamboo decks? Could be a problem to mount enclosure

My deck is stiff. There is almost no flex in this length.

Ya make sense. That’s good

I was also looking for something similar and found this one for $25. Haven’t bought one yet so I can’t comment on it but it might be what you are looking for. http://www.skateshred.com/index.php/wholesale-blank-longboard-decks/32-x-9-5-splittail-blank-deck-s32.html

link not valid

I know that skateshred had good decks for cheap but I can’t get in there website anymore I don’t know why

I wasn’t able to view their website yesterday but today I was. I messaged them on Instagram to see what’s going on.

According to the DNS system, they have no server. That’s the situation on the ground.

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Yeah I am too looking for a pool like deck and the Jet Spud looks cool but it is a no go without the kick tail.

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I have a few deck that are around the 27-29 size with a wheel base of 14” these are custom decks so you could choose the graphics on the board if you would want that option

Those are the decks that I have in stock.


I’m personally going to be using freeboard S2 “bindings” to take tight turns and stay locked in at speed.

I should have a build thread coming in a few weeks

I love the jet spud it is a classic on this forum already but the problem is no kick…