Looking for single battery+esc enclosure max 15" long

I need a small single enclosure for my 30" deck build. Will have a 10s2p meepo battery pack with one of their esc’s. Hoping someone can help.

your enclosure needs to be made specifically for your deck so unless your using meepo mini deck you need to find someone to make an enclosure or you can make one from kydex

Why not just buy their enclosure set? Having a single box for everything would probably mean you either need to:

  1. get real creative

  2. get a custom solution from @Eboosted @bigben, or the other enclosure vendors

( 3) just buy the meepo enclosures 🤷 )

I have a universal enclosure than can be custom cut at the size you want, can you post a picture of your deck?

Thanks @anon64938381 for the headsup

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