Looking for software to read OG single non-unity Enertion FOCboxes

I’ll keep it short. I have a OG first edition Raptor 2 from first set of orders in 2017. Been riding it for years now with minimal issues.

One of the two FOCboxes inside it just went out. Fault code light flashing. Gets real hot when on. I have a replacement OG FOCbox, also from 2017, so replacing it is possible.

What I need is SOFTWARE to connect to the v2.80 firmware and read what is on boxes. Bad one connects, but is old. Worse case They’re identical so I can read the settings from the good one.

Where can I get older software to read the settings from this old box? Searching online theres lots of “use the latest software” but not only is this hardware/firmware not supported, Vedder even states on the site how I shouldnt use it if its not proven for the hardware… BUT he pulled down all the old versions of BLDC so people wouldnt use them. lol

This leaves me in a issue as I cant connect to get the old settings, or put the settings on the new FOCbox.

Optionally next, it would be nice to update the software to the latest v6.02 to use the latest VESCtool software, but it doesnt support the hardware directly from the list, so I have no idea what to pick from that.

Finally, this was all ordered back in 2017 before any of the drama started surrounding Enertion, licensening, moral obligations, the fact the owner cant divorce himself between critisicm of his product and him online… etc… so yeah. While not IDEAL to have this hardware, its good hardware sitting next to me on the couch that I cannot connect to anymore, but if I can I can keep riding this now ~6yr old board.

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