Looking For Someone to 3D Print Loaded Vanguard Enclosures

This is my first build, and I am using a Loaded Vanguard deck. Unfortunately I don’t have the experience for making a kydex enclosure and don’t have the money for a 3d printer. I was wondering if someone could 3d print a vesc and battery enclosure for me. PAYMENT CAN BE DISCUSSED. Thanks.

I can do that for you, shoot me a PM

I have a vanguard battery and VESC enclosure from eboosted that I will sell for $60 shipped (US only) it does have some cutouts where the charge, power and display would go through. Comes with the voltage display.


$60 for both battery and ask enclosure and shipped. That is a great deal. I wish i found this deal b4 I made my enclosures out of kydex.