Looking for someone to Spot weld and solder a pack for me

Looking for someone withing EU, Preferably Denmark, Germany Or England.

I have the Cells, all at the same voltage and a BMS all I need is the spot welding to be done and the connectors to be soldered.

They are from a Meepo Board pack taken apart since I need a flat 10s2p pack and not a double stacked.

there was a thread about this exact topic i saw maybe 5 minute ago…

Do you have a link?

An hour ago though but thanks, hoping to find someone from Denmark or Germany though.

Hard for me to ship to England, France or anywhere else due the 18650 Cells.

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@darkkevind is over there I think

Hey @Lumaci I can do it :+1:

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@Lumaci i am looking for the same, did you find someone ?

No :slight_smile: Ended up trashing the cells.

Not worth getting others to do since the price will be the same as a complete pack either way.