Looking for spot welder owners in Netherlands

Does anyone from Netherlands has spot welder which i can borrow or buy? Or someone who has one can help me out welding small 10s3p 18650 battery?

thank you!

i´m building mine at the moment and will start ordering cells in a month or so. so if you´re a bit patient i can build you a battery :slight_smile:

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Where do you live? If you live in Friesland I can help you out (if you weld the cells yourself).

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Hey thanks guys, i’m between Amsterdam and Almere. Awesome, sure i can. Planning to start build late Nov - Dec.

Well you are welcome to travel to Leeuwarden if you are in need of a welder :).

i need a spot welder 2 i live in hilversum any one?

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I’m currently building an Arduino spotwelder. Should be finished in the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

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awesome, will be one more spot-welder in NL

i’v checked with nkon.nl crew, they said they can spot-weld any configuration i want but they charge 1€ per battery :triumph:

so i thought why pay them if fellow members of esk8 community has one which is not in use currently

Might need a spotwelder soon, im working in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden

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I just ordered a spotwelder. I’ve no time to finish the diy one. Will keep you updated :slight_smile:

which one you ordered ? :slight_smile:

A Sunkko one from AliExpress. Ships from the UK, so I thought why not :slight_smile:

Will use it as well for battery packs for my long range rc airplanes

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Received the spotwelder today! Gonna build my own pack this weekend.

First pack almost done! Pretty happy with the result as this was my first try


I live in Amsterdam and already have my cells but it’s impossible to find someone with a spot welder. Any updates on anyone near-ish me who has one? :slight_smile:

@JTAG @TarzanHBK @sanka

If Leeuwarden is close enough ish you are welcome!

I do have a spotwelder but am currently moving house so everything is packed. If you don’t find someone, i can help you out next month

Hi man, is your offer for spot welding still up ? :slight_smile: willing to travel the whole length of the Netherlands to use one for 15 minutes !

Hi man, did you get to find someone with a spot welder in Hilversum ???

Yes it is! Just tell when you would like to visit and we make sure the coffee is ready :)!

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