Looking for sunkko 788H (used or new) USA

I am looking for a used sunkko 788H spot welder. I need a quick replacement to a custom one that isn’t quite powerful enough. if you have one, pm me and we can talk. thanks

USA shipping preferred


looking for a cheaper one. thats why i posted. i know theres about 500 listings in the usa from 150 to 200

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I’ve got one of the Alukira spot welders from Korea I don’t use if your interested, almost brand new

i cant find anything online about that brand, do you have a link? thanks.

@Dirt_Bag Do you know if the 788H is a good spot welder?

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it is pretty good for .15mm nickel strips. i havnt used one yet, but most people in the community seem to like them. the price is awfully good if ordered from sunkko’s website