Looking for the best Electric Longboard out there! - COLLEGE INNOVATION - - HIGH BUDGET -

So let’s kickoff.

College started this Monday. As coming 6 months I’m part of the Design Factory Global Network. Located in the Frisian Design Factory. Design Factory is first and foremost a shared understanding of how to support and spark innovation. After owning an esk8 I knew how many solutions it offered to several problems in cities. So I made a purpose to the teachers and asked if I could built an esk8 for my individual project. Ofcourse they encouraged it. But the teacher wanted more! They asked me to list up the details about esk8 and pick 2 HIGH END esk8 for investigation, upgrading and testing purpose which they will buy. So I am asking for your advice! Budget = €5000-. However it has to be modular and shipping must be done within 6 weeks. Who can help us out?


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@LEVer …Evo?

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Forgot to mention! We’re located in The Netherlands!

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Should these high end boards be commercial boards? If yes what about an Evolve GT or Enertion Raptor? Check the individual sellers for shipping information. Evolve should even have some European distributers.

6 weeks will be tough… I’d say your best bet is Evolve or Boosted if you want it there on time

I don’t totally understand what you are looking for but if you want something that is both functional and designed superbly, you need a @longhairedboy build. I don’t know about that time frame though. Check out the witchblade post he has up right now.


contact @trampa maybe they can hook you up in time

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Well if the teacher wanted more, I would think above what an esk8 could be outside of today’s designs. What can you improve? What you ask confuses me because are you trying to buy an already made product and present your changes or create something new in hopes of commercialization of new product?

Use the VESC as the motor controller, but those 6 weeks will be hard to gauge for us as community because we’re waiting for the next version of it which solves a main issue of the blown motor driver chip. There is no ETA currently.

Modularity: I assume being able to go from one board to the next while keep the main drivetrain with changeable batteries for better ones in the future.

You should see what @Mellow does

From a standpoint of pure technical sophistication go with a Boosted. For the other one, though, I’d look at boards that have nonstandard suspensions and more advanced mechanical systems than a regular skateboard - so the Baja.

the timeline is tight, so you are limited to current/available boards.

as far as best of breed (commercial) boards - Boosted, Evolve, Marbel would be my suggestion.

DIY - Raptor, LHB, Ollin

Look forward to seeing what you end up doing with these, and what improvements you work out.

It might also be worth touching base w/ Vedder to see if you can get ahold of one of the v6 VESC’s to test and give testing feedback! Worst case he doesn’t respond, but maybe him or one of the folks on vedder.se forum can send you one to test!

I have a winner for you


Nice do you plan on selling this?

I spent about 4 months on the board itself. So no I don’t want to sale it, but would love to be in this project. I’m still working on the wiring and design, but should have it going in less than 2 weeks.

Just two skateboards sandwiched together, glued and screwed together. Board doesn’t flex at all. Real strong.

In modular I mean, we must be able to switch the parts when necesarry. I quite like the Marbel board and I think that they got a pretty good innovated product. It’s slim, lightweight and powerfull. It’s mostly for testing purpose to test if an electric skateboard could fit in any modern lifestyle. Anyway, Boosted is doing a quite good job at making it as commercial as possible, however we will try to adapt a skateboard so that every single one can be using it. Also looking at Inboard, i’d surely buy this but it will ship in 12 weeks!

Is it good for mass production?

@LEVer I really think that you’re products are ready for the future, I’ll invest in some carvons later for my own project!

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Not for nuthin’ this request sounds a little scratchy to me…

5k Eur budget and truncated timeline?

A bit much for a board and too little time to search for things that would be production ready and that you can truly trust. Not sure what your end game is …

Wouldn’t want to see a repeat Dutch version of this