Looking for the scammers JEDBOARDS Jeremy bogan 1000 EURO REWARD


JEDBOARDS SCAMMED me for 2500 dollar ish they never refunded me, its been now over 5 years 1000 EURO REWARD if you can provide me the golden tip that leads to his arrest i went to the police long time ago but they dont do shit becouse jeremy bogan /jedboards is outside my county

but still want this mother fucker found

so anyone who has any information about this scammer jeremy bogan please contact me here ,or by mail [email protected] or by phone 0031624988899

any information is welcome known whereabouts historic whereabouts where is Jeremy Bogan officially from if thats his real name? IP addresses Server locations MAC-addresses bank accounts he used to receive the orders any other company’s he owns or have owned or is using now anything i can use to trace this scammer to where hides

also if you have any hacking experience or want to hack this scammer too to find and locate him

please contact me

greetings joost hebly