Looking for used FOCBOX UNITY ESC

Hi if you are planning to sell used FOCBOX UNITY ESC or other dual esc (or two single vescs that can be in dual mode), please message me. im searching for one used, therefore cheap.

There was a guy (username: Gordy) selling a Unity on the “other forum”. If you look in classifieds.

£220 i believe

thanks for reference. 220 a bit more that i was expecting because new one costs 10 pounds more, but thanks anyway.

Agreed. I was going to buy it, but realised I cant spare the money right now.

Having spoken to him briefly, I believe it was received at the end of 2018, it’s brand new in box, and available now.

I think his reason for the high price is that he has it available right now whilst people are pre-ordering.

I’m actually looking for a dual/2xSingle esc for a mountainboard, 12s, high current. So if you get offered something and don’t want it, please send that person my way just in case.

I says you asks on the other forum…neboxes comin after chinese news year