Looking for Used/New Motors 63XX/50XX

I found my motors, 20 char

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I have 6354, 6364, 6374 motors in 170/200/230kv

awesome. Are you selling over ebay? or do you have page ect where i can look at them?

no, I will make the list for them later on ebay.

the 6354, 6364 are the same as this one

the 6374 and 6384 are the same as this one

all can be sensored or sensoreless

does the 6354 come with 10mm like in the link or are yours with 8mm? Because i need 8mm shaft because of my pulley. Is it also 62$ or what are your prices?

the 6354 I have, are all with 10mm shaft. I could give you a 10mm motor pulley along with the motor.

deal off ebay can be 56us included shipping. where are you located?

They are without sensors right? Because i dont need them. If so i would take 2 Motors and 2 pulleys. What teeth and width are you offering?

OK for sensoreless, I have 5M 15T,16T, 18T, 20T motor pulleys.(aluminum pulleys)

how wide are the pulleys, i read your motormount thread and you realy gave good imput for wide motor pulleys

they all for 15mm belt

Ok too summerize 2x6354 200kv with 2x 18T pulleys pls.

You might want to take you personal address off of a public thread, there is an option to send a PM.

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yes, PM me please

lol didnt realize^^ thanks