Looking for VESC in Europe

Hi, I am looking for a VESC in europe, I dont want MayTech VESC, so is there somone with used VESC willing to sell it to me? I am open to any offers :slight_smile:

Why don’t you buy one from outside and ship it? :o

If you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you want a maytech VESC? I ask because I am from Europe and the may tech looks like one of the cheapest alternatives

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Because I have bad experience with MayTech VESCs, but I think i will have to buy it again, because tehre is not other alternative in Europe…

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@karma I tried to, but after 2 months my VESC wasnt delivered and the money was refounded today…

http://esk8.de has vescs

@Decdog yeah, I know about that one…still i am asking if tehre is somone with used whou could sell it for cheaper price…

Who did you buy from and to where did you want to ship?


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you can install any firmware or not just like maytech vescs?

I strongly advise against Maytech VESCs. They are, at least currently, the epitome of Chinese knockoffs. They don’t give back to the creator of the VESC (Benjamin Vedder) and while they may function, it’s almost a guarantee that they will fail you within a year or less. If you attempt anything substantial with them (higher amps, FOC, mountain board, etc), you’ll be un-happy even faster. Save up a little more and get a VESC from a reputable seller (@Decdog’s recommendation of esk8.de is a great option for the EU)


Also it’s a way of giving back to the community. Supporting the sellers that drive this community is important. Buying Maytech VESCs is a big “F… You” to the community - at least that is how I see it.

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Thats exactly why I dont want Maytech VESC! :slight_smile:

I have a pair of Vanda VESC I could let go, see my build thread for photos (in Ireland). It’s brand new 4.12 model, I read that the vesc should have maybe 3 caps but they were made to exact vedder specs so have only one, I can include the spare caps at no extra charge for soldering in parallel afaik. Fitted with xt90 plugs. I’ll eat the shipping cost but would like what I paid $110 per vesc

Is it complete VESC with capacitors or just the “card”?

Complete VESCs

Have you used them? tested them?

They come with only one capacitor installed, some vendors install 3 capacitors in order to avoid problems with long battery <-> vesc cables and current spikes, I have extra capacitors to install if that is required, it is a simple task but I have just moved so not got around to it.

Ps. I did get hit with €70 of import charges too but that’s my problem.they are made in South Korea to a very good build quality.

They are new and unused

So the price for one would be? CAn you estimate shipping to the Czech Republic? I will send you a finite decision at the end of they, I just have to leave now :slight_smile:

Damn… that´s a good price, if these are better than Maytech ?