Looking for white or raw colored motors, preferably 190kv/6374

I’m sure I’ve seen them before…only asking because color is directly related to performance. Thanks



That doesn’t mess with the balance?

please inform me how color relates to performance

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Hush @grecoman of course it does lol

No issues @lennylogs

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Look good, feel good :sunglasses:

Go raw and you’ll save the weight of the paint, Turbo



you do you :wink:

just spin the motor and put a price of sandpaper against it till you get the desired color

yea your right bro. that extra .0002g of paint is really compromising my performance


Lol Weight adds up :call_me_hand:t3::man_shrugging:t4:

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On some race cars they won’t paint it because it adds a couple of pounds. They just leave it raw carbon fiber or whatever

A 6374 motor and a car don’t have the same paint surface though :smiley:

Paint on a 6374 is almost nothing and won’t unbalance the motor.


The best thing to increase performance, instead of using paint on the motor can, is to sand all the paint off and replace it with 3D-printed HTD pulley teeth. That way you can use another motor to spin it even faster


You may actually be onto something here… you could mount 2 motors on one mount, but you’d tear through belts. Its quite impractical, but could give you 2x more torque

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that’s actually not a bad idea :thinking:

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You start with dual Carvon SpeedDrive XL then weld motor mounts out the front and back of each side of the hanger next to the kingpin, with pulleys turning the Carvon motor cans from the front and back on each side. So then you could have a 4 wheel board powered by 12 motors in multiple different kv for maximum off-the-line torque, maximum top-speed, and maximum balls-to-the-walls at all times. Why compromise torque for speed? Why not have a board that has ridiculous off the line torque but doesn’t top-out until 75mph

It’s not enough torque until you’re shearing the polyurethane off the wheel hub


Man all ya’ll are noobs. Of course paint and graphics affect performance. For every race sticker my friend puts on his car, he gains at least +15 HP.


Every time you talk shit about how fast it goes, it adds 2 more HP as well.


Man I hope we start developing manual transmissions for our electric skateboards. That way I can start double-clutchin’ over your ass.


Black motors insorb more heat from the sun than the white ones dude, you for sure dont want that especially in the summer also if you sand your motors they will be out of balance and when you hit 3k rpm they will just blow to pieces and possibly kill someone