Looking for your help to begin


Total noob here (but quick learner), went through all guides and “read before…” booklets have been circulated, having idea already about general outlines of building own esk8 but still missing specific instruction.

Long in short, I recently came across with WINboard GT-M5 (all terrain & hub motors), and wanted to build something similar.

  • Why don’t you just buy it then? It’s already cheap?
  • I don’t need that much speed (+30km max it says, I’m beginner on esk8) and I’d really like to start building, putting the hands into dirt

On an e-skateboard, all I seek is long range (as long as board is faster than walking speed it’s fine) and fat tires (all terrain). I feel I have an idea about what I want, but have no clue how can I gather parts numerically (what battery, power, which motors, which motor power, which trucks are compatible with which board, etc.)

Looking for any sort of help you can provide Thank you very much in advance



Us DIY builders dont buy because its the cheaper option, we build because its the better option

Choose the wheels Choose your deck Choose your motors Choose your trucks Choose your batteries

If something goes wrong you know what to do- you built it, you don’t need to rely on Mr Dong from China because he won’t help

Just follow the build logs on the forum


Something to think about: You said you wanted long range, as well as All Terrain wheels, and this typically isnt the case unless you make your battery quite large becuase the larger wheels draw more power to have a similar performance. Maybe you want something in the middle?

Large smooth wheels: http://www.abec11.com/products/abec11/abec-11-107mm-electric-flywheels-74a-77a

A more All Terrain wheel: https://www.mbs.com/parts/13406-mbs-all-terrain-longboard-wheels-green-4

There are a number of mtb builds listed here along with parts used. Use those for your inspiration.

The things you think you want from an esk8 now, aren’t necessarily the things you will want from an esk8 once you start using esk8s.

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This. Slightly faster than walking speed might be thrilling or fun for three days, then you want something faster. When you want to go faster, you regret buying components xyz.

At least get a decent platform for your Components…either a trampa or mbs comp 95 with matrix 2 trucks. Don’t cheap out on that. As for hub motors, terrible choice for MTB. No gearing.

Actually, I would suggest a commercial board to start with. But definitely not a cheap china hub motor board.

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Just two alternatives then. Evolve or Baja.

Metroboard has one coming out soon, and kaly.nyc has them

omg… guys I’m blown away, thank you very much for everyone for inputs, I didn’t expect this responsive treatment honestly :slight_smile: I’ll just go one by one to reply but for general to the community I’d like to drop one big thank you in here :slight_smile:

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Yes sir, totally makes sense, just I wrote “cheap” was just conversationally I indicated, not what I am or DIY community is looking for. I think with DIY we set the quality of what we build and enjoy rather than Mr Dong :slight_smile: (well said)

Point taken, I’ll pay closer attention to build logs.

Thank you

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The reason I wanna go with AT wheels is, the place I live in has terrible roads on the streets (Budapest), and I was just thinking with AT wheels I’d cruise smoother. Are the wheels you shared well enough for terrible streets? Second link looks legit actually, would you mind sharing any experience if you have please?

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Apologies mate, what mtb stands for? (sorry for silly question)

I think I agree and also I think this is the main reason why people in this community are continuously building/modifying their boards, would you agree?

The trick I used is to have your heart set on certain aspects and build from there.

For example if you have your heart set on AT tires and ALSO have to have over 15mile range, you’re going to need something like a 10S5P or 12S4P pack if you go li-ion. So by that example you would know a rough size of space you’d need for enclosure and space you’d need under your deck. You would also have limitations on what trucks/deck will fit that + those big ol’ tires. See what I mean?

Once you have a few things you know you want, you build from there. Same goes for pulleys, mounts, motor s, you name it. Find out what you have to have then make it work

DIY is only limited by imagination, ability, and your wallet :smiley:

Noted your suggestions. My intention is never going with cheap at any time (even though I don’t have unlimited budget).

For Hub motors, I heard they’re silent, less powerful (I don’t mind less power) and some of them are slightly more resilient to water. Would you mind elaborating why I shouldn’t choose hub motors?

I checked Evolve GT AT, it looks legit but youtube is full of their high speed board videos, plus, with high speed you just drain battery I guess. If I have chance, I’d like to look for slower speed but way longer range, if possible. This is one of the other main reason I wanted to go with DIY, cuz my requirements are quite mismatching with what market is offering mostly (speed and fancy boards). Not sure you’d agree or disagree though.

kaly webpage is looking pretty good. Would either of them be selling to europe?

Imagination :white_check_mark: Ability :white_check_mark: Wallet :interrobang: :smiley:

I got your point. Presumably, as a result of I am looking for AT wheels and long range, probably my board would be huge and entire bottom would be full of parts :smiley: anyway I’ll be insisting on this style if it’s possible & doable

By heading to DIY option, I realized it’s more looking like building your own computer, you know what parts you need, you know what part is serving as what, but you can’t just go to the market and buy parts and assemble, you gotta know what part is compatible with one another. I think I’ll start doing like you said, and if I’m not sure about compatibility or future efficiency of some parts combination, I’ll just raise the question to the community. This place looks extremely helpful :smiley:


Kaly nyc are good, but getting it shipped to EU will be near impossible unless if you want to spend a lot of money on shipping