Looking to add a parallel battery to my board

Looking for advice and opinions on adding and parallelling a second battery to my teamgee H5 to double its range

Can we see a picture of the existing battery & how it is connected?

Option 1

You could connect an additional battery here.


There are some risks involved; You could damage the ESC, you could damage the existing battery & the new battery.

For example, connecting two batteries together that have different voltages will cause one battery to act as a load discharging the other, could result in melted wires, fire, damaged cells.

Voltage should be identical between both packs!

Option 2

You could also connect an auxiliary pack to the charger port


This way you are simply charging the main battery with the 2nd pack. But not sure if your board will work whilst battery is charging, need to test that.

This guy did a video about, option 1, on his boosted boards.

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