Looking to buy 10s3p battery

Hello folks! [See Edit below] I’m looking to buy a 10s3p battery pack for my board. Now I have found a very competitive price from a reputable source for around 168$ (US) can anyone do better (or find a better deal somewhere?) Only asking because i’m cheap AF.

Happy Eskating!

[EDIT] I now see the obvious downsides to this cheap battery, my question is now: can anyone provide a reputable source for the above mentioned battery. Thanks!

May I ask where you got quoted that? I’d love to pick one up at that price.

Is this with quality cells and a BMS?

You typically get what you pay for when it comes to batteries. Definitely don’t skimp on that it can make or break your build. If you don’t want to speed big bucks for just batteries go for lipos you’ll get the same performance for cheap even with a bms

I ordered a 10s3p from @diyeboard for around that price. I’ll let you know how it is

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Lmao I’ll save you the trouble. It’s gonna be bad :joy:. Sag for years

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please do!