Looking to buy 90-97mm wheels

Looking to spend under $50

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I have some pretty good 90mm wheels for sale! Almost like the ABEC expirence… $10 off if you subscribe to our newsletter and can ship tomorrow

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Yeah the JLabs wheels are very Premium, it would’t be if it the name wasn’t :)))))

Very high quality wheels, very good adherence at speeds of 35mph+

Works on snow and mud, the compound used to pour them is called “michelin envy”

I’ll let you decide by yourself what is the best as it can be easily figured…

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i have the Jlabs 90mm wheels on my raptor and they work great, much smoother than the rock hard enertion 83mm powerwheels.

@Battosaii @longjohn thanks for all the compliments guys !

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I’m running a set of 97mm eBay clones and they are pretty good. I believe they were around $50. For quality reasons I’d buy the wheels @JLabs is selling though.

I have many 97mm and 90mm wheels all new. ship to where?

for 90mm wheels, under 50us certainly oK.

for 97mm wheels, depends ship to where.

Can anyone sell me just a pair of 97mm wheels for the front to use with a 100mm hub motor setup? Location is Spain.

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I may he able to hook you up. I have an odd number of 97mm just not sure if I have 2 97’s or 2 90’s

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Sounds great, let me know what you can find!

Hey sorry for not getting back to you. I only have 1 97mm wheel left. Sorry!

I have standard 90mm and 97mm flywheels 78A . price below is for set of 4

90mm 22us +18 shipping by DHL to USA (only have red for now, will have many colors aa few days later) 97mm 28us +22shipping by DHL to USA (have black, red,green,blue, orange now)

is that one wheel? 2? set of 4?

Hi, price is for set of 4