Looking to buy a Bad VESC (dead DRV)

Hi everyone

I have access to professional soldering equipment and professional soldering workers + I’m pretty good at soldering myself. as I understand, Lots of VESC’s can be fixed by simply resoldering the DRV chip I’m looking to buy one and try to fix it. If some has a dead VESC and he’s willing to sell to me? We’ll work out something about the price/shipping of-course maybe I’ll start offer a service if all goes well

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I have a Diy Electric vesc. 4.12 hardware. Bad drv. Make me an offer!

30$ + shipping sounds good?

Bit low, It has maybe 30 miles on it lol. Messed up my foc settings. What would it cost for you to repair it?

I want to try at least fixing one before I start asking for money how much were you thinking?

DRV fried TB VESC. Make me an offer!

Can you both estimate shipping to israel and them I can make a better offer? Thanks

30+$8.99 shipping

@rok might have one still.

If someone from EU or maybe even Germany has one with bad DRV and wants to get rid of it, I would like to try my luck too.

Sound good… Lets talk on PM

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I have one I could get rid of…PM me if somone is interested, I am from Czech Republiic (not Czechia, pls dont use that name, thank you :wink: )