Looking to buy bms for 6s setup (US preferably)

Does any one stateside have a BMS i could buy that would be compatible with my two 3s 5000mah (6s) battery setup? Ive been reading a lot about them, I’m still not 100% sure I need one but would like to integrate one into my build sooner rather than later. If anyone has one for sale or any advice in finding correct specs I would be grateful. feel free to PM me Thank you!

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Uhhh are u going lipo?

Yes atm I have 2 turnigy 3s 5000mah lipos

we need more info…

cont. amps? charging amps? c rating? charger? space constraints? discharge or bypass?

I run Lipos with a bms on my builds. They offer excellent power in a small lightweight package. As far as safety, I’ve never had a problem with them. You just need to protect them with an enclosure, not overcharge them or discharge them too low.

UPDATE: Allow me to clarify. I use and recommend Lipo’s with a high C rating. The higher, the better. The Lipos I currently use are 5ah with 60/120C discharge and 5C charge. Lipos with low capacity like 5ah and low C rating like 20/30C can have a tendency to heat up and bulge depending on the amount of load they are subject to.

Using Lipos with low capacity and low C rating can be risky.


Im using a Turnigy E3 compact charger for 2s-3s lipos- for a first build I don’t mind charging packs individually. C rating for each pack is 20-30c Space left in my enclosure is around 4x4x1.5 in inches so pretty narrow. My esc is a quicrun 60A from hobby wing. bypass would a require a anti-spark key right?

my goal is to have this be chargeable w/out taking batteries out ive seen builds on here that have charge ports on the enclosure. Am i mistaken in thinking that the bms is where this happens?

Can you use a bms to add connection for charging batteries on board as opposed to taking packs out and charging them?

Yes, but if you use a bms to charge, you will need to buy a simple charger for 6s.

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that’s interesting to me an kind of unfortunate because when I first started buying parts for my build I saw many that used the 20-30c 5000mah so I invested in a pair to start out. I that is indeed the case I may have to stop and reconsider weight an ride height, or even get a new deck altogether… My first impression about all this was terribly wrong in thinking it was fairly straight forward.

If don’t use bms then?

For a 6s setup, you can just use a hobby balance charger. They work better than a bms and brick charger anyway.

Just be careful to not discharge the packs too low. Monitor with a voltage meter mounted through the deck or with battery alarms. Or set the Vesc to back off at a conservative low voltage.

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@Namasaki do you think that this should suffice for my 6s setup?

That bms should be fine if you only use it for charging. I always use a bms for my lipo’s and it works great. For lipo’s just make sure you got lipo’s above 20C. I got a 6S2P (with 5Ah 20C cells) so a 6S 40C pack.

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The balance current on that bms is only 42ma which is very slow. I honestly feel that you would be much better off using a hobby charger which will balance charge better and faster. You can setup external ports for a hobby charger so that you won’t have to remove the batteries to charge them.

The reason I used a bms on my system is because it’s 10s and for protection during discharge. I really see no point in using a bypassed bms on a 6s system.

Links! Direct me to the links! what do you use? where do you get them?! :laughing: