Looking to Buy New or Used Hub Motors

Interested in getting some hub motors for my build as long as they are between 70mm and 90mm. message me if you have any. Thanks!

@ralphy sounds like u

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Hey man, I’m designing some hubs they aren’t ready yet but if you are prepared to wait a while I would be happy to sell you a pair. Well to be honest they may never be ready but as I said if you can wait a while I could sell you some on the cheap

What are the specs on the hubs your working on? I might be interested

I suggest waiting until the hubs have been tested or he at least has something to show many members have lost money and I don’t what u to be one

Nah I’m not meaning he can pay for them now. And yes I will upload video evidence when done, if they do get done. They will be either 90kv with 83mm wheel or 130kv with 90mm wheel, or I could make you one with custom kv. These most likely won’t be done for a while but they have a similar design to carvon

PM some “Landwheel” users, some of us have perfectly working drive/trucks. They have plenty of power but the company is still working on their ESC which is their only problem at this point causing hard braking or improper cut outs. Sadly I don’t have one to sell, I literally gave two away for $25 which is just the shipping cost

Not being rude bro just sounded sketch for a bit continue on

I think ill hold off I want to get some hubs that I know will be reliable thanks tho

Just get some from @ralphy

I believe @Hummie will be getting some burly, extra wide hubs in the next couple weeks, rolling on 80mm thane and custom trucks with 12mm axles. Not sure when they’ll be available to the masses though.

@ralphy would probably be your best option for getting hubs right now, though.

Haha no worries yeah probably should have worded it a bit better