Looking to buy Raptor 1 handle

looking to buy the handle for the raptors 1 deck.

@joeadams101 Do you have access to a 3d printer? If yes I can model up my raptor 1 handle and share the file for you to print. I doubt anyone would be happy to sell you a single handle but hopefully I’m wrong!!!

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I dont ! :confused:

Can give you one for free. Just need pay shipping.

Please contact us.



I want one too dude!!! I’ve bought so many different handle that just aren’t the same.

Have you looked at pull handles?

Will a printed one hold up? I thought printed would break when the weight of an entire board is carried around.

Really depends on the printing direction and material type. I would say at least ABS and maybe even Nylon.

@adrianenertion I’ll take TWO!!! if you have them.

I think the shipping is like $30 bucks! :frowning: