Looking to buy VESC in Europe

I`m searching for 2-3 VESC in Europe. Paypal. Shipping to Lithuania. Basicly, ASAP.



Check out @elkick’s website for euro VESC http://www.esk8.de/shop

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Thanks, already sent a email. Waiting for response. Maybe someone else have some spare?..

Yes esk8.de is perfect, David is verry good ! And you get your package in the week ! I get 2 of them right now.

Sometimes I’ve been thinking to make them my self, because it’s still quite prone to be breaking and having shorts rather easily. Mouser.com who distribute the component’s are located in the Netherlands, so getting the component’s should not be that hard.

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Maybe you are then interested in this group buy http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/searching-for-vesc-4-10-4-11-pcbs/1054/27

Btw there is new shop in town/europe. http://unikboards.com/shop-product-list/vesc/

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there is as well this one: https://www.scramboards.com/vesc-vedder.html measures are 55mm long x 35mm height x 20mm deep incl. the heatsink, @bigben posted a ebay link to those vescs here:

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