Looking to change my gearing on Raptor 1

I’ve upgraded to 97mm wheels for a smoother ride and the board doesn’t seem as strong of pull and seems to have more voltage sag on the battery. I’m wondering if a gear change would help with that?

If anyone has experience changing the gearing for larger flywheels I would be interested in what you are running? Also would this help cause less of a drain on the battery?

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40t pulley on the wheel

Is that the one you upgraded to? Isn’t stock 38t?

Any links on where to get a pulley with the bearings pressed in?

I’ve used that one before yes not sure where since I haven’t been on belt drivebfor a while now

Basically, I have a Raptor V1 on a different deck with 97 Abec 11 Flywheels. I find it still very powerful compared to other boards, but I’ve noticed that the battery drains very quick. Real world range is not better than a Bamboo GT (10-15 km here in Sydney) but I can still ride when the Evolve Eco drop kicks in :slight_smile:

I am running the original setup with (15T/36T gearing)

Yeah I’m starting to think my battery is just dying. Wondered if an increase in teeth would help avoid the voltage sag that causes the vesc to shut down

What’s the original wheel size? If you adjust your ratio based on the increased wheel size it will have about the same torque