Looking to get an esc vesc need advice

I’m putting my build together a

boundmotor deck and enclosure

Propulsion BELT MOTOR 6374 190KV 3500W

Propulsion evolve clone trucks

#The Expediter (Long) - 12s8p 18650 Samsung 30Q - Single Flat Battery For Esk8 (Electric Skateboard)

Evolve at 7in at kit

But I’m not sure about esc vesc to get Stormcore I’m see the seeker also thinking about the hoyt remote puck.

I have an exway flex and a verreal RS now so I want to upgrade to a longer range and performance.    Any thoughts on what to go with this build would be great
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If you want to save a few buck & still get great perfromance check these out

You’ve got it figured out.


Here is a comparison chart if you cant decide what dual channel ESC to buy…

Here’s the newest vesc HW, built in anti spark that doesn’t break down, and also has ASS (advanced sensorless startup, successor to HFI) https://trampaboards.com/vesc-hd60-twin-in-cnc-t6-silicone-sealed-aluminium-box-with-genuine-xt90-connectors--vedder-electronic-speed-controller-trampa-special-p-29152.html


The focbox unity is compatible with HFI and will be compatible with all future releases as the FOCBOX unity is no longer a fork from the VESC project. It is supported in the core VESC firmware.

ASS is not HFI. Look into it, it’s a new rendition of the Hardware to support it. So far only the new vescs from Trampa support it


it’s not just hardware, this is mostly a firmware update. Even @trampa has said that future VESC based ESC will have support. There will be a major update soon & the focbox unity will also be compatible as it is natively supported in the core firmware.

Also, why would you want to spend so much on the hardware? $430USD is kind of expensive.

Get this for half the price, same real-world performance, same firmware, same apps… etc.

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False Jason. You gotta read before you spout your lies. Frank from Trampa explicitly says the opposite. Here’s a direct quote: “A.S.S will only works with A.S.S capable motor controllers. The HD and The VESC 6 MK V and the VESC 100/250 are the first devices to support this new feature. VESC based ESCs do not support this yet.” -Trampa

Your same real world performance claim is plain false bro. You have full torque from 0-max ERPM?

Also why would someone pay that much… Well it’s a lot, but it also goes towards feeding the man that writes and updates this software. How much of your sales go towards supporting the open source project you profit so much from? That money also goes towards future product updates. How much of your profits go towards new R&D and unity updates?

@nelson is this how you choose to run your forum? Allowing jason moderator privileges so he can run around deleting and stomping out CORRECT information about his FAULTY product?

How did he even talk you out of your (visible) moderator / staff position? :thinking:

sheesh. I’d love to see frank in here to tell you otherwise.

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So why bother writing the word “YET”

I suppose we need to wait until the updates get released

Single core mcu is now officially a part of the vesc project. Huge amount of capital was required to bring that to market. The result is now we have much cheaper dual motor controllers.

The customer is the winner for sure…

They don’t ‘yet’ because it requires new hardware. Frank said it’ll also allow you to monitor motor temps without having to a thermistor.

Sounds great. Im sure it will be worth it.

If you go on the the news forum, Frank was talking about just how much it cost for the new MCU capabilities to be added to the main project. He said 10-20K, and who footed that bill? Trampa…

I am very grateful and so are the 6000 focbox unity owners…

I suppose they get a lot more users into their eco system now…

Smart business move.


Yes it requires a different HW layout and therefore only HW following a certain design principle will be able to to push high torque from 0 RPM without sensors. It also depend on PCB design quality, noise and other factors. We believe that in many applications motor sensors will not be needed in a foreseeable future. One part less to worry about.

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Can you show test video using ASS mode?

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on the trampa YT channel I bet

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So who won this argument?