Looking to purchase an esc

I’m looking for an esc that can handle up to 7s lipos. if you reccomend a flier can you also clarify on how long they last. I know you may also say get a vesc but i cant afford chakas and cant wait that long for enertions. Any help would be great if it helps im going to have a tacon 245kv.


get a vesc brah

TB has one out for 99 and he was one of the big names pushing the vesc early in its life.

When do you think I would get it by?

Says delivery date is end of march on his site, so a bit of a wait there as well.

im in Ontario and he is in san frans took him about 10 days to get it to my house from December 12 to 22

or in October i had ordered from him and it took about 7 days

dang i needed it done by the end of march

oh really? would you happen to know what charger i should use for 7s?

Go gotta get a VESC… Check out the features and specs! http://vedder.se/2015/01/vesc-open-source-esc/

I would recommend a wiiceiver with an FVT esc. They work great with my setup and are no where near as much as the VESC, all though I do like it. Here are the links to what I bought -

WiiCeiver - http://austindavid.com/jm3/index.php/hardware/3-wiiceiver I got the kit a purchased a Nyko Kama from Amazon but it was the same price as buying a complete kit

FVT 120A ESC - http://www.rcjuice.com/fvt-120a-brushless-sensored-sensorless-car-esc-2-6s/ I would highly recommend it and it’s affordable. Austin from ‘WiiCeiver’ is a great guy and will help you with what ever!

Any way I hope this was helpful, let me know if you need anymore help!

FVT can’t handle a 12s lipo

Thank you so much this is the lowest price ive seen for this particular esc and I will almost definently try it out before purchasing a vesc

Don’t forget that you need to buy the wiiceiver for it, not a regular throotle stick. It is designed for skateboards and has smoothing. If he still have the completed kit in stock I would but that, it’s $50. the kit is $25 and $25 for the Nyko Kama on Amazon. And the FVT only works up to 6s Lipo…

Hope your build turns out great! JLabs

Ya, meant to say the FVT can only work with a 6s lipo and lower in my above post.

7s won’t work.

there was a deal for the 7s at 4000mah for 22 bucks but its not going anymore so ill just go 6s

Totally get the money savings angle, but the difference in cost is a small price to pay for a true open source ESC that can do so much in such a small package. It is continuously being developed and upgraded to provide the best user experience possible. Supporting the VESC via purchase, use, and word of mouth is the engine that will drive the VESC to even greater levels of affordability, reliability and function. The price is actually quite appealing considering how much power it can handle and how configurable it is. Even if you are only running a 6s system, you still want electronics that are beefy enough to handle MORE. It’s better to get the best instead of getting “good enough” in certain circumstances because you will want it down the road anyway. The VESC will give you the headroom you need to grow. It’s the brains of your operation.Under $100?? IMO: Cut cost elsewhere…VESC up!!