Looking to see where I can buy a bms

Need a bms and ordered one already and it had a few extra connections for more batteries which I don’t have. Not sure if I’m able to use it still or where I can buy a new one with fast shipping.

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Thank you sir.

@Kempo1 I have a 10s BMS ready to ship, can ship tomorrow if it’s what your looking for.


The one I have now says 13 s and will the 10s work? I’m not to super good with electronics but learning.

Not to be a total dick… but maaybe you shouldn’t be messsing around with batteries without doing a little reading first. It isn’t really something you wanna go all gung ho at.


I have done plenty of reading that’s why I’m asking for advice there Genius!

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Hey, tame it down a bit, this attitude won’t get you good advice. If your BMS isn’t one of the smart ones you can’t use it. But really, before getting into your batteries “reading a bit more” is darned good advice.


Hears some good advice I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks and I tell it like it is! So take it how you want Jack…

There is a saying:

“You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

Food for thought


Honostly, just buy the cheapest Chinese BMS you can get your hands on! I heard alibaba sells solid stuff.

If you are talking like this, I think nobody will give you any help. Be kind for the guys in this community.

If you make a post without enough info nobody can help you. What we need: voltage of you pack Discharge need. Li ion or lipo.


Hold your horses bud, now your being a total dick and that won’t get you anywhere on this forum. Also where’s the comma


I think you need to pull back on those reigns a bit there cowboy. Like @pjotr47 said you come out Huns blazing like this and when you have a question there won’t be anyone willing to help and all that anyone will say is use the search. Pretty much everyone here will help out someone in need but not if you are a noob and acting like a dink.

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Haha yeah it makes me always laughing when some “noobs” with a small read time think they are the men on this forum.


This forum is full of people who have the same hobby and interest. 99% of the members respect each other and what they do. Almost everyone is willing to help someone. We often advise people with little knowledge to read a little extra and yet these people are still properly helped


Everyone here is correct about the attitude & not trying too be an ass too you. I did samething your doing bro & the results never end well. Also correct about reading more. Ive READ ALOT in order too now make battery packs myself now. Everyones here is down too help just not with that attitude i promise you

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Damn dude… no need to be a child. A bad battery setup can burn your house down. I was giving advice not chastising you. But hey, you’ve read 12 hours. Do what you want jack…

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