Loop key Xt60 making a little spark when plugging

Hey !

I just figured out that my xt60 is making a little spark with a little noise when I plug it in, after that everything seems to work without problem, no more spark, the voltage on my indicator works and my receiver led is on (I didn’t tried the motor for the moment) so my wires should be good, no + - inversion or something like that. 8S 1P battery, so 33.6V and 50A (Max VESC).

Is it actually bad for the board or something ?

Fine except will carbonize the plug contact. Only the xt90s has the integrated anti spark feature w a resistor that connects first. I’ve heard of using Vaseline or other nonconductive paste on the plug so when almost connected there’s no relatively low resistance air between the contacts and then no spark. Or just keep sparking and get new plugs when they get covered w burn marks as they will have higher electrical resistance then


Switch to an xt90s

Happy hummie lol?

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Need be the xt90s. The s version.


Fixed. 318f577d653b7e19b535f2764f97c90b615872f6_1_375x500 a7a29bda4183ad94f808eb1549e5eb0c2c904cac_1_690x345


I’m curious about having an exposed wire like that in the system. If let’s say you had wet hands and were to touch that bare spot when doing a lot of current how would that go? You would become part of the circuit and I guess a bit of current would flow through you based on ur resistance. Ud be an auxiliary high resistance path. Wonder if anyone has gotten a shock by not being the sole path but on the side like that.

Okay i thought Xt60 were anti sparks too, so there’s no xt60S I guess ?

Thank you for your fast replies !

Nooooope. Fdvfsd

Actually you just need to jump when pluggin the key in I guess

It’s got more than a few dozen layers of polyurethane. Its well sealed

But if it weren’t. Jumping wouldn’t work (don’t knoe ur serious and this isn’t ac that could go to ground) Wonder how the electric would travel if say you connected a giant aluminum block even to the side of that loop key wire. I imagine the current would utilize the complete aluminum block or you’re entire body So could u get a deadly shock through the heart even though only touching the different polarities w your one hand.


Guess who haven’t got some more xt90S and who need to buy some again ?

Maybe I could unweld the two ones over, i’ll see tomorrow …