Loose Belt, options?

My setup: 230 kV 6355 DIY motor @psychotiller motor mount 255 mm 12mm wide 5HTD belt 16/36 pulleys

The belt seems way too loose. I can get the belt to skip by holding the motor still with one hand and rotating the wheel with the other hand. The mount’s slotted holes are maxed out to the tightest adjustment. At this point I either have to mod the mount for an idler pulley or buy a new mount with more adjustment (i.e. DIY v4).

Apparently you and I had the same problem. I have the same setup as yours. I think it’s cheaper finding a 245mm belt somewhere online. Mine had .75" or so of deflection on each side, but it didn’t skip during the short time I had it.

You either need a bigger motor pulley or a smaller belt. Either way would work and the belt is about $4 at vbeltsupply

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How would I serch for that belt

I think this would work?

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Yeah, I got a good .5 to .75" of deflection with this 255mm belt. I never knew about Vbeltsupply, great source of belts! Thanks for the link. So a 245mm was what worked for you @popopopop? I see they have belts basically by the tooth in 5mm increments. I guess I’ll call them Monday to see about making one in the 12mm wide variety.

I prefer my solution, shift everything foward so the belt will fit… but I DON’T RECOMMAND TO DO THAT. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You guys crazy. Get a shorter belt :slight_smile:

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No, I didn’t try it. I was about to, but I wanted a reverse mount motor set-up eventually so I went with something else. I’m confident in a 245mm belt though, since my 255mm wasn’t skipping even under my 185 lb load.

It’s literally a 5 minute phone call to order special width belts with those guys.

Dude! Get a shorter belt! It would have been easier…

Yes, but longer … I really didn’t waste any Time on shipping. ( in fact the bms is A prototype and Needed to be test asap )

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Been there! My concern is you may be asking for trouble mounting your motor that way.

It is working fine, also I drill a hole to support everything.

My mounts are thinner than everyone else’s because they are more compact/shorter. What you did was lengthen them. It’s going to break.

@JohnnyMeduse Listen to psychotiller, man. The dude knows his shit! :wink: It’s all fun and games until something wonky happens.

I know :sweat_smile:, that is why this is just a temporarily setup, and [quote=“JohnnyMeduse, post:7, topic:6213”] I DON’T RECOMMAND TO DO THAT [/quote] because the mount are not made to be in this kind of job, you @Ulfberht and @psychotiller are totally right. But I was in the clear, when I’ve done this modification, and aware of the risk (I’m always going around with an alan key set in my pocket, and not pushing my board to it limit, because I never know when something can brake…). I just think, is a part of Engineering.