Loose or tight trucks for a short deck?

Hey guys i own a leafboard and ive changed the bushings to orangatang orange which improved carving tremendously. But I’m having issues with the back trucks constantly wiggling fast but I’m not sure if its due to high speeds or when breaking because the occurrence would be brief. So for anyone who has short decks or just in general what is your preference for tightness of trucks, a rule of thumb perhaps

It depends on personal riding style and skill. If you’re going fast tighter trucks will minimize speed wobbles. I know guys who ride these squirelly limp noodles and they are still just as steady as the guy riding what damn near feels like a single piece solid truck lol

I would suggest tightening your rear truck, and leaving your fronts looser so you don’t lose maneuverability. Take your skate tool with you, hop on, ride until you can guess what needs changing, adjust, ride again. Rinse repeat


Thanks for the advice, thats how I’ve been riding and do carry a tool around i just wasnt sure if i was making any progress because the bushings are so soft

If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you weigh?

I weigh 195 (220 when I bought bushings though lol) and use Orangatang Yellows

Of the three Orangatang Nipples durometer variants, Orange is the softest, Yellow the hardest, and Purple in the middle

You could always throw an harder bushing in the rear, tighten it, and leave softer bushings up front.

I’m around 120 which is what lead me to belive the orange one was the best fit

Edit: And i do ride fast

No, you’re dead on for the right weight. You could possibly benefit from still using a harder durometer bushing in the back, especially riding at higher speeds and if you ride with a heavy backpack

If the rear trucks are already tightened to the max, forget the bushings and move on to truck angles.

Another option is changing the angle of your rear trucks. This can be done by exchanging the baseplate with another that is compatible with your hanger, or by adding a wedged riser


Here ya go, this chart should help you select the right kind for your riding style :slight_smile:


No i havent tightened them to the very limit i was weary of trying that i wasn’t sure what the cause of this would be at high speeds

Don’t tighten them to the point where they really deform the bushing, it should be just tight enough to use a wrench, but not so tight that it takes a large amount of force to turn