Loose shaft on Trampa Vertigo truck contiously spinning

Hey all,

The other day when i was cleaning up my board, I accidentally over tighted the nut by using a socket wrench. I just wasnt paying attention.

I originally thought i stripped the nut or the threading on the shaft but have now come to realize it is the entire shaft that appears to have come loose on the truck. I guess my overtightening of the nut accidentally made the entire shaft loose which is why tightening or loosening the nut doesnt make anything happen. I can twist the nut with my fingers and can see the threading is the part thats spinning.

I was just wondering what youre guys’ opnions are to fix this. I cant even get it off unfortunately, especially as the wheel is in the way…

The first picture is what i am referring too. The second picture is the shaft that is affected.



Thank you


Might as well get advice from the man.

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That is an issue.

Let me check. If I have some hanger around here Hit me up via 3474557893


Thank you Ernesto, just did :+1:t2:

Isnt there a small screw at the bottom of the hanger you can tighten?

You might be covering it with your mount. Are they full mtb or carver trucks?

Oh you’re right, I see them on my front trucks, but unfortunately my back mounts might be covering them if theyre on thr back ones. And if i get it loose i can only move them so far as the wheel will get in the way and its still bolted on

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well. take the wheel off, move the mount sideways and tighten that small screw. should fix it. happened to me too.

I cant get the wheel off as the nut is bolted down against it extemely tight, and ive been trying to use pliers and wrenches to keep what part of the shaft i can access in place while also turning the nut but no luck unfortunately

How much gap do you have between the mount and the pulley? maybe if you loosen the mount, it might give you enough to get to the small screw

Youre 100% on the money, thank you. I got two screws loose of the mount, have to torch the top one though as its hard to reach with the wheel and i dont want to strip it.

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Ice spay the hanger, the aluminium shrinks and grips the axle.