Lose speed mountainboard

Hi When my battery capacity go down my top speed to like I 100% top speed 40mph at 20% 30mph Can I fix this if yes How Thank you 12s7p 30q vesc 6 2 motor sk3

I think watt control might help with the torque and acceleration at low battery but not sure if it also helps with top speed.

You can’t increase your top speed. This has to do with how motors work. Kv is directly related to voltage. So if you have a full battery your top speed will be higher and if your battery is empty your top speed will be lower. Example: 42v x 190kv = 7980 revolutions (higher top speed) 36v x 190kv = 6840 revolutions (lower top speed)

Charge batteries, and repeat


Just as stated above. Charge your battery. Then go again. :wink:

Or set your watt limit to your output capable at a dead battery. Then it is the same across the charge…and you won’t feel as let down… lol


Ok lol I can do everything on the setting vesc for change

What’s your battery?

12s7p Samsung 30Q


40/30 Miles or Kilometers per hour?

Please post pics of mountain board.

Thank you.

Yeah but then he limits his top speed. Which is no fun

Is 40 miles

How I can do it

7p *20a constant current. = 140a bat max / number of esc (ie 2 ESC is 70a battmax per…but most ESC can only handle 50)

Discharged is. 12 * 3.35 = 40.2v battery cutoff, + 1v = 41.2v battery cutoff start.

40.2v * 140a = 5628W / # of esc ( ie 2 ESC is 2814w per esc)

Batt min 3Ah * 7 = 21A * 2C = 42A batt min / # of esc (ie 2 ESC is -21a batt min.

If you went off of full charge wattage instead of end of charge wattage. It will feel like it drops

Start voltage wattage = 7056W End of charge wattage = 5628W… if you set this as the watt limit the whole battery feels the same.

Also @E1Allen there’s no way with 5600 watts at dead his top speed is gonna be limited. That’s alot of watts…your talking minimal speed difference I think…

I think he is thinking top speed = acceleration…


No everything is good acceleration torque Is my top speed going down when the battery going down Like 100% battery I can go 40MPH when the battery go to 20% I can go just 30MPH

Yeah. That’s just from less voltage as explained above

Well… That’s not gonna change. How much do you actually ride above 30??

Haha. That’s what i was wondering as well.

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Ooo ok man A lot :sunglasses:

Sounds like if you want your top speed you’re just stuck with the lower speed when your battery is almost empty.

At 20% you’re probably sitting on LVC while accelerating.