Lost PLA casting

i’ve only seen the term “lost pla” mentioned once in this forum so i thought i’d share this.

Could be used for pulleys.


It’s like when Grant Thompson puts foam in his forge and pours molten metal in.

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exactly. I dont have a forge so this isnt in the cards for me but i’d like to see someone try. Ill print out some pulleys if someone has a forge

I certainly appreciate the craftsmanship!

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I didn’t know you could do that with PLA. Very cool!

Microwave forge. Better to not do lost pla but make a silicone mold of the pla part as apposed to being able to cast only one. and cast low Temp metal. I forget maybe it was sychotiller who made a mold and was casting resin parts Smooth-on has a bunch of silicone that can do high temp. Not sure what temp u need to melt aluminum or maybe do a bronze

cast low temp metal directly in the silicone?

You can. Smooth-on is an easy source and likely are at a local art store or online. Can’t get sychotiller’s name to come up but he’s done casting of pulleys @psychotiller

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