Lot of questions | VESC vs Other ESC | Speed upgrades | Case ideas/material | Controllers

I’ve been reading around here a lot and I can’t seem to find a specific answer.

I’m going to begin with the VESC vs Other ESCs. I’ve read all the benefits of the VESC and I do plan on buying one after I pay off my phone, but some specific questions arose. Is the VESC actually capable of taking off from a stopped position? Also, my current setup is really loud, especially when braking. I’m sure most people know what the braking sound is. Is it the ESC? I have the Hobbywing EZ-Run 120A.

My next questions are regarding upgrades that will increase speed. I’m only able to get speeds between 16 and 18 mph (~26-30 kph). I have the Enertion R-Spec motor 6355. What is this motor’s full potential? Is it a bottle neck? I kind of know what usually needs upgrades, but I’m just unsure.

My last question is about cases/enclosures. I saw the ABS enclosures on @longhairedboy’s shop, but my board is concave. What other options are there? Right now, I have a little box from Wal-mart and it doesn’t do a good job of protecting. It’s decent at best. I also have a small box for my RGB led controller and 12v DC battery pack, for the lights. Shown here:

I just want everything unified and nice looking. This is a very long post and I want to apologize for that, but I have needs…

Just kidding, I really couldn’t find an answer.

Mainly, you can upgrade to a 12S ESC and 12S battery pack (2x 6S). That should get you much more speed depending on the KV of the motor and your gearing ratio. Should get you at least 25-30mph.

Those boxes when used with some thin weather stripping work pretty well on a regular concave deck from what i understand. @psychotiller can speak more to that. The boxes do flex a little when bolted down.

I’m not using any weather stripping at all in any of my builds and though I avoid water I have ridden through some puddles here and there. Haven’t had any issues. It would definitely add to the seal though. The abs is much better than all of those lunch boxes that people are using. It’s more secure, stronger, and looks a hell of a lot better! Also, it has no problem mounting to and matching the shape of concave decks.


I ride in rain consistently. Have to wear black pants when riding in rain due to splash damage.

For the most part, as long as you aren’t riding in puddles of water. If you have majority of your setup enclosed. You’ll be fine.

Of course, if you weather strip and fool proof everything. It’s even better.

I’m pretty sure that’s one of it’s main selling points.

Yes it absolutely does, even with unsensored motors. Mine starts from a complete stop with minimal stutter. In FOC mode, it is even smoother, and silent (although this is still considered experimental).

Vesc is very quiet especially running the foc. I really didn’t like the brakes on the hobbywing either.

I haven’t made an enclosure yet and am waiting for my broken vescs to get back but plan to pot them in 70duro rubber as soon as possible. (Glue them). Beats a box to me. And pot the receiver.

That motor can do more surely. It depends what temp the magnets and winding enamel can get to…and manufacturers don’t tell that and instead throw a max wattage number out there based on who knows what. It could be riding in an arctic wind storm when they come up with that number

@psychotillers enclosures can mold to any shape with a little heat. I have a “W” shaped board and the enclosure fits great.

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Thanks everyone for the answers. Looks like I’m definitely getting a VESC as soon as I pay off my phone.

I just had a thought today about building a case out of MDF wood, but I don’t know how it would do in light amounts of water. I usually don’t have to worry about water, but the weather where I live is random. Bright and sunny one day, next is dark and gloomy. I’m keeping the ABS case in mind though. If anyone has that and wouldn’t mind showing a picture of it on their board, I would really appreciate it.

One other thing I forgot to mention is controllers. I’m using the Wiiceiver with the Nyko Kama, but I’ve been having issues with connectivity between the controller and receiver. Are there alternatives to the Wiiceiver, but with 2.4Ghz? I really like the features of the Wiiceiver and am used to the joystick control.

On a side note, @BigAl made another thread about alternative controllers and he mentioned wired controllers. I posted a picture of my wired nunchuck which I extended the cable to, so that it reaches comfortably. I guess that’s another thought.