Lots of decks and some wheels

Gotta get rid of some of my decks

4’4 surfboard pintail style deck image Just the deck, no wheels or trucks, 20$

Other pintail, deck only 30$ image

If you want the other 107mm electric flywheels, 80$

50$ for the slick revolution wheels and 15 for the flywheel clone image image Shipping from 92127, shipping not included

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What size are the clones?

90mm I believe

can i see the electric flywheels?

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how used are they?

Hardly, some are just a little stained from riding on dirt

do u have any unused flywheels?

Unfortunately not

oof, thx anyways. do u know where i can get some? the ones on amazon are hella expensive:

Nope, no store sells them and I probably am the only one selling these rare wheels.

why’d ABEC close down?

Ask @ChrisChaput

These are just a older version of abec 11 wheels.

Older, better, softer, sexier

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I honestly might nab the 107’s, it’s just im rethinking my deck. would the 107’s and Fatboy Nano Gear Drive work well on a vanguard?

With risers, it should be fine, pulley wise, there is no press fit pulley for it that’s isn’t 3D printed.

ok. hmmmm imma ask my parents and then ask to pay them when we get home. (out of town rn)

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@mmaner, got these decks if you want, just cover the cost of shipping.


Will be posting more decks soon