Louis Vuitton griptape?

So for my hummie build (ill post process soon) i want the grip tape too be this… anyone know where i can get it ? Custom grip tapes cant do it since its a brand & could get sue they said


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@Sender can get it put on fabric for you and then epoxy it to the deck with glass frit on top.

Like some sort of fucking hero.


How would you compare glass frit with griptape ? Never tried glass frit before

Not personally a fan but people swear by it. The grip isn’t the issue for me it’s the shiny surface.

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Hmmmm… Lets see what @Sender has to say


I could get a friend to paint one for you as he is starting his own griptape buisness

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I think paint wont look as nice as a print would. What you think ?

It does, look at this Thanks @topcloudimage
Hand painted


Looks good. I wonder how durable it it compared to other colored griptape. Obviously glass frit would be the toughest.


Any idea where i can get the grip tape i want

Not the exact one you’re looking for but they do have it - LINK

But it’s from Taobao so I’m not sure if you’re able to get your hands on it :frowning:

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That orange logo looks dope. I dont understand their site lol how can i order lol

You know I can do it with matte finish, I just prefer glossier most of the time.

Once you go glass, you never go back.


How does it work. Tell me pleeeeaaasseeee @Sender show me your ways lol. I want this hummie deck too look legit

Posca or copic makers he uses huh ? Back than i use too do graffiti & would paint with those markers

Once you cut your fingers up, you question your decisions…on why you don’t just ride more to grind down the glass! :joy:


Yea unfortunately the side only uses chinese language so that’s that… And their shipping to US isn’t that cheap too so not really worth it imho :neutral_face:

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So are you the plug for printing LV griptapes :rofl:

Shame… i just want my board too be LV uped lol

No pain, no gain