Low profile 3d printed 6S enclosure

Just wanted to document my latest enclosure that is entirely 3d printed. I tried the two box and connecting wires but it looked awful and the boxes were too big so a lot of space wasn’t used. I started working on a 3d printed enclosure, the first verision snapped even though it was ABS. My board is relatively flexible. I would guess the top and bottom layers are bamboo with some maple/oak on the inside, because it has some give with my weight on it but not as much as a known full bamboo board does. As I was designing version 2 I thought of ways to alleviate the flexing stress so I created a joint that sort of “pivots” when weight is applied.

CAD design of the flexing joint:

Full Board:

Me with no weight on the board:

With weight (notice flexing at joint):

Used T nuts, not a fan because I am going to re apply clear griptape and they are kind of ugly, however they dont strip out like brass inserts.

Still going to attach a hinged door for access to charging port

I was very shocked of how small I was able to get it definitely one of the smallest enclosures I’ve seen that isn’t cut into the deck. It holds a VESC, 2 3S 5000mah zippy batteries, a receiver, and appropriate wiring. Drove around the neighborhood and still no cracking (crossing fingers). Will be interesting going back to school were the roads are much worse.


This is the problem with flexible bamboo decks. This is why boosted split the battery and electronics into 2 separate enclosures and put them as close to the trucks as possible and connected them with wires under the grip tape. You might try that or get a maple deck that won’t flex. Anyway your enclosure looks really clean! You could probably sell those here if you offered different sizes or custom.

I love it!! That enclosure looks incredible. Did you happen to post it on thingiverse? If so, a link would be greatly appreciated. I am planning a build for a friend, and I think this would be perfect (Also using 2 x 3s Zippy 5000Mah).

I tried printing a couple. ABS and PLA. They were just too brittle unfortunately

@Namasaki Yea I have some regret getting a bamboo deck, but I really love the finish of bamboo aesthetically speaking. It’s got nowhere as much flex as an all bamboo board but enough to cause flat enclosures a problem. As for selling them, I still don’t have confidence that it wouldn’t break over time so no sales yet, and they take FOREVER to print.

@anorak234 I could post it on thingiverse, however the curvature is custom to the board so it might not fit to your board.

@stuxtruth Yea I have had a really hard time to get ABS printing right, next time I might use PET less warping, and probably less brittle. However I can forcefully bend the enclosure with a little give I am just worried about long term vibrations.