Low profile ABS enclosure NEW SHAPE!

Will easily fit up to 2 4s 10ah lipos or the S.P.A.C.E. battery from Enertion. Will also fit 2 esc’s. Dual Diagonal, dual rear or dual front. I’m going to make a rubber gasket for my next build to seal it up perfectly. LHB inspired me to dremel out my next board so that my motor wires wont be exposed. Let me know what you guys think. If there’s interest I’ll make more.


that is some sexy box you got there bro :thumbsup:

Looks awesome! I think that will be the enclosure for my next board with a space cell.


Now I want to redo my board…

Haha! Wouldn’t it be a little soon to Re-Do it? Let me know!

Awesome. Good work… did you manage to find some shiny fake carbon fiber looking material to use?

Ordered some, but it turned out to be too thin for our purposes…I’m on the hunt!

to soon to redo it all- yes.

I think my wallet would kill me first. that being said, I’d love to buy one in the future- especially if you are going to get some carbon fiber looking stuff… carbon fiber basically makes everything better

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Sweet! When you attach these enclosures to your board, do you just screw it in? Or do you use some sort of removable fastener so you can unload the batteries for charging, modifications, etc?

I think psychotiller set up charge leads for his batteries for his last enclosure and he just used some thing that you put in the board to make threads so he could use screws.

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Wow, very nice @psychotiller ! @siggs3000 one option for this kind of enclosure is to use t-nuts and then regular screws or thumb screws to keep it on.


That’s the word I was looking for! T-nuts!

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Yup t nuts work very well. Still may want to do charge leads, but you definitely don’t have to. It’s easy to take the cover off

Enclosure Dimensions: Width- 216mm Length-448mm Middle section-27mm tall Either end of enclosure-33mm tall for esc clearance. Both ends of the enclosure taper to 203mm

Looks like the enclosure might be too small for some of you…just did a return because he said that his 2 Vedder vesc’s wouldn’t fit with the space cell. He did however mention the added caps and that he didn’t want to just stuff them in there. This is just a heads up! For anyone else that uses my enclosures, please post pics of your build. Would be nice to see the layout of your components. Thanks!

Looking so neat plastic case :smile: Thanks for sharing pics!

@psychotiller just bought your enclosure! It took some time to convince myself that I needed it! You’ve inspired me to move up to 8s (using those 10ah batteries in series) and pick up a VESC. This is a project that never stops! The need for speed and clean aesthetics is alive!

Nice! @Gatwod That battery set up in particular is really nice (there’s no adhesive between the cells so its an easy job to lay them out flat.) Works out to over 300Wh too!

@psychotiller It looks like you said someone earlier felt that the enclosure wasn’t big enough for dual VESC and the cell battery? Have you made an enclosure that will fit those yet ?

It does fit. You would need to lay both vesc’s sideways though. Not lengthwise with your deck. Another factor is probably the caps used and how they are soldered to your vesc. He wanted me to make the enclosure 3 to 4 inches longer when I already had dimensions straight from @onloop. The vesc’s aren’t even that big…

@disastorm I made a modifiation to the mold today. The Low Profile Enclosure will now have the capability of being 20" long. This will allow you to lay your VESC’s out lengthwise as well as (I’m hoping) give enough room to cover the new larger capacity Space Cell. *Note this enclosure is now 2 piece with a tongue and groove seem in the middle. New dimensions are: Length-508mm (was 448mm) Width- 216mm Middle section-27mm tall Either end of enclosure-33mm tall for esc clearance. Both ends of the enclosure taper to 203mm

Let me know if you want one!