Low-Profile, Easily removable protection for Daily commute (especially knee guard)

Backstory: I’ve never gotten on a board with wheels ever in my life or snowboarded or skied. Bought a new longboard to learn and get used to while waiting for electronics to arrive. Slipped off and messed up my knee pretty bad at like less than 5mph lmao.
P.S. I was wearing regular clothing and no protection

Here’s my question. I want to find protective gear that is easy to wear and remove. Especially KNEE guards. I don’t need the super hardcore kind that you wear by pulling it up your legs from you foot for 50mph downhill riders. I don’t want the kind that clips onto a specific pair of pants only. I want to find something that’s more like a clip on that I can easily take off after riding and throw in my backpack. Please help me find some! :smiley: I’m in Canada Toronto btw!

i find it easier to wear wrist guards than knee guards. If you fall and cushion yourself (fall somewhat correctly) they can take the majority of your fall. Easy to velcro on really quick and not super obvious if you are wearing long sleeves or a jacket.

Have you gone to your local skate shop to talk and see what they have? hard to beat trying a few on to see what you like and fits.

bummer on the fall - but all part of the sport. Hope you heal up quick and all’s well!

Not clipable but a nice price for wrist, elbow, and knee pads package.

Good job on learning now. Keep riding for a week and you’ll be good to go!

Don’t think I’ll be able to continue for a couple of days. It’s still oozing clear liquids lol and hurts to bend :’(

how well do jeans work for less than 20mph speeds? If they work fine then maybe @sl33py is right about wrist guards being sufficient!

If you plan on ever going above 20MPH, here are a few items that I am thinking of ordering for myself:

Protective Electric LongBoard gear: https://www.amazon.com/ILM-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Powersports-Paintball/dp/B019U0KRGC/ref=pd_sim_263_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=51iqaZf9lVL&dpSrc=sims&preST=AC_UL160_SR160%2C160&psc=1&refRID=ABAS8RKX5657YQD8Q1ZF



at a minimum - wrist guards and helmet. I have enough practice falling that this usually is sufficient. If i’m going to go faster i wear the rest of the gear.

I was thinking of getting these

They are motorcycle riding jeans with built in protection, there are lots of other options out there in the motorcycling world with this kind of protection. Seems like they would work well with esk8’s too?

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in the last 2 years I had 3 real crashes @ 30kph+ and never wore any protective gear :scream_cat: , so I could tell very well where I wouldve needed gear:

3x lower arm & hands (3x bad) 2x ribcage (quite harmless) 1x belly (harmless) :joy_cat: 1x lower back & butt (couldnt walk for 2 days, was a contusion, not really skin injury)

so from that experience I decided that its probably a good idea to ride with downhill gloves at least! :smile_cat:

Does anyone know of good gloves with palm protectors for sliding?

I got me a pair of these: http://www.uglybros-store.com/product/image_zoom.html?product_no=80&display_group=1

Slide gloves: http://loadedboards.com/advanced-freeride-gloves Kinda hard to hold a controller with these though.

Wouldn’t it have been better to purchase a leather? Those pants and boots don’t look comfortable or easy to skate with,

Check out g-form kneepads / elbow pads, really comfortable and low profile (can wear them under your normal clothing).


Not the boots, just the pants. And they are very comfortable. Don’t like the look and sweatiness of leather. I can wear these with sneakers and a t-shirt and not look like a biker.

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