Low voltage 14.8v on 12s4p setup can save?

hi guys i have problem with my battery, i probably accidentally set a wrong setting thrue vesc tool setting. i have 12s4p battery now on low voltage which is 14.8v , 1.3v per pack, the problem is i set my battery to 12 cells on voltage without pressing apply button on vesc tool. my setup is flipsky dual fsesc 6.6 12s4p sony vtc6 flipsky 190kv 6374 motor and trampa hollipro hs11 bluetooth module from flipsky. smart switch and bms

  1. is it possible to save my battery from 1.3v per cells /pack ?
  2. what’s the risk?
  3. can i just charge using normal 50.4v 12s 4a charger?(still on shipping)

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Are you sure every P pack is at 1.4? Did you measure them? AFAIK the default values for cutoff are for at least 10s?

edit: oh, I see its way lower :frowning:

1.Yes you can. However you have caused some damage to your battery. 2.No risk as long as you monitor the voltages as it is charging. 3. Probably not. You can do it with a hobby charger set to Nimh or Once and charge each p group through the balance leads. Use a low current per p group (1A would be ok) until it reaches 3.1-3.2V. Once all the p groups are at this voltage continue with your normal charger.


yeah m8, but i havent ride at all, just setting thrue vesc tool. from 39.39 drop to 14.8 :frowning:

that’s really convincing, gotta try that out, because i not even ride it even once before. just bench test and there my battery goes. but how it possible to drop that much just from bench test , 2 days figureit out using vesc tool.

3.2V per cell is only 5-10% charge. Li-ion cells drop in voltage very fast after that.


When you try to breathe life back into the battery, do you have anywhere safe to put it?

Lipo bag… Outside…

Be safe :0

I recovered a 10s2p from 10v using a normal 10s charger. used it for 3 years after that

My friends also suggest me to charge it first using normal charger. Since I don’t have the charger now gonna have to wait for shipping. Hopefully bms would help and can be charged.

Sound dangerous things. Some friend said Can be charge hmm

It can be done, it’s just that reviving a battery (depending on it’s composition) can sometimes be dangerous

Also it should be said that when cells are revived, sometimes they lose… Capacity (? Not sure how to explain it, but just know that your range might take a hit.)

Additionally, internal resistance may increase.

Alot of forums talk about how panasonic, sanyo and some Samsung cells can be revived with ease, just proceed with caution!

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thanks m8 im gonna try to charging it using normal charger first

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alright, just make sure that if your charger is rated for any more than 2 amps that youre checking the temperature of the cells/ the pack occasionally.

The same thing happened to my space cell, as and I was trying to recharge it with its original (2a) charger, the pack became VERY hot.

It took a ride to the disposal center later that day :confused:

That’s what I’m worried about. Need adjustable charger maybe? So I should start charging from normal charging port using 1a isn’t?

the amperage is dictated by your charger. maybe take a picture and show? :slight_smile:

1a, or even .#a is fine, 2a generates heat in battery packs regardless, so staying lower is better in this circumstance

i dont have the charger right now. because i just order this week probably next week i can get it. the one i order is 50.4v 4a , or i need to find exactly 1a to play safe?

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4a would almost certainly cause a malfunction.

lower a is the way to go, 1a or less would be my reccomendation

This is how lithium battery fires start…

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4a for a 4p battery not low enough current? One amp rate too slow for reviving?

Read pack voltage directly from battery, if it’s really 15v, batteries are dead.

That makes each P group 1.2v, way below the 2.5v threshhold. It means you’ve altered the internal resistance of every cell in your pack that can lead to all kinds of issues, premature heating is for sure one of them.

To make sure, measure each P group voltage. Stick voltmeter positive to pack positive, then read each balance lead voltage. Write it down and when complete, take voltage difference in each subsequent P number, that’ll give u each P group voltage.

Kind of silly to not have set the cutoff correctly, not sure where u learned to program your controller but now it’s going to cost you.