Lowest safe Lipo voltage under load?

I’ve searched all over R/C forums and couldn’t find a direct answer… I run my packs currently down to 3.4/3.5V under load, but would it be okay to lower that to around 3.2/3.3V per cell under load?

i’m putting 3.3, yes and cut at 3.1, (I think, its been a while) should be fine but when u feel the voltage sag (low speed) U don’t have much range left so suggest find place to charge asap. or it actually drop below 3.0 for 1 or 2 cells.


lipos have been getting better over the years and holding there voltage longer, especially the high discharge ones.

i do a soft cut off at 3.7, hard at 3.5 & only charge to 4.15v


voltage shown is at rest, if you sag down to 3.5v it will come up after resting.

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Yeap, it’s more accurate. I’m only doing 3.3 because board get cut off prematurely, too soon for my taste. soon as I hit 3.75 ish I can feel the sag, and go for charge right away. then I get about 3.7-3.6v by the time i get home. I also keep track of distance I went. I found Lipo is hard to deal with on esk8 because after 3.6 the voltage drop so quickly. I had few times nearly killed one cell group, which i revive.

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